1. Indents against Direct Recruitment Quota for Group-C categories are Placed on :-
(a)Chief Personnel Officer
(b)General Manager
(c)Railway Recruitment Board
(d) Divisional Railway Manager

Answer: 1(c)S.E.Rly’s Estt.Srl.No.95/2001)

2. How many times indents for various Group-C posts are placed with Railway Recruitment Board in a year:-


Answer: 2(a) RBE No.136/2001&S.E.Rly’s Estt.Srl.No.95/2001)

3. Currency of relaxation of 3 years upper age limit extended upto:

(a) 03.8.2005
(b) 03.8.2004
(c) 03.8.2003
(d) 03.8.2002

Answer: 3(a) (RBE No.199/2004&S,.E.Rly’s Estt.Srl.No 221/2004)

4. Reservation Quota for candidates belonging to OBC :-


Answer: 4(d) (RBE No.234/2002 & S.E.Rly’s Estt Srl.No.44/2003).

5. Educational Qualification for recruitment of Prob. Assistant Station Master against Direct Recruitment Quota is:-

(a) Graduate
(b) Diploma
(c) Degree
(d) Higher Secondary

Answer: 5(a) Estt.Srl.No.41/2001)

6. What is the percentage for Direct Recruitment Quota of ASM:-

Answer: 5(a) S.E.Rly’s Estt.Srl.No.41/2001

7. Designation of Diesel/Electric Assistant in scale Rs.3050-4590 has been re-designated as:

(a)Assistant Driver(Diesel/Elect)
(b)Asstt.Loco Pilot(Diesel/Elect)
(c)Technician, Gr.III

Answer: 7(b) (RBE No.29/2004 & S.E.Rly’s .48/2004)

Currency of Group-C panels supplied by RRBs is:-

(a)One year
(b)Two year
(c)Six month
(d)Three month

Answer: 8(a) (RBE No.35/2002 & S.E.Rly’s Estt.Srl.No.79/2002).

9. Education Qualification for recruitment of Group-D posts is:-

(a)Class X
(b)Class IX
(c)Class V
(d)Class VIII

Answer: 9(d) (RBE NO.237/99 & SE.Rly’s Estt.Srl.No. 274/99)

10. Training period of Diesel/Electric Assistant is:-

(a) 39 weeks
(b) 45 days
(c) 6 months
(d) 12 months

Answer: 10(a) (RBE No.254/98 & S.E.Rly’s Estt. Srl.No.281/98)

11. Switchman is now re-designated as :
(a) Trackman
(b) Gangman
(c) Cabin Master
(d) Messenger

Answer: 11(c)(RBE No.nil & S.E.Rly.Estt. Srl No.288/99)

12. Indent for CKP & RNC Division are placed with:-

(d) RRB/SC

Ans: 12 (b) Authority: RRCB No. 12/2004

13. Indent for HQ, KGP & ADA Divisions are placed with:-


Ans.: 13(a)Authority : RRCB No. 12/2004.

14. Physically Efficiency Test(PET) is made for recruitment of :-
(a)Group-C post
(b)Group-D post
(c)Group-A post
(d)Group-B post

Ans: 14(d) & S.E.Rly Estt.Srl.No.112/2002)

15. Currency of Group-D panels formed by RRB is:-
(a)One year
(b)Two year
(c)Six month
(d)three month

Ans: 15(b) S.E.Rly’s Estt.Srl.No.251/2004)

16. Quota Reserved for Ex.Serviceman for Group-C posts:-

Ans: 16(c) S.E.Rly Estt.Srl No.14/81)

17. Quota Reserved for Ex. Serviceman for Group-D posts is:-
(a) 10%
(b) 20%
(c) 15%
(d) 27%

Ans: 17(b)(S.E.Rly Estt.Srl No.14/81)

18. D.R.Quota for O.S.Gr.II after restructuring:-

(a) 10%
(b) 20%
(c) 50%
(d) 13.1/3%

Ans: 18(b)(RBE No.177/2003 & S.E.Rly.Estt.Srl No.152/2003)

19. What is the percentage for Personnel Inspector, Gr.I against D.R. Quota after restructuring:-

Ans: 19(b) (RBE No.177/2003 & S.E.Rly.Estt.Srl No.152/2003)

20. Direct Recruitment Quota for Depot Material Supdt
In scale Rs.6500-10500 after restructuring:-
(a) 10%
(b) 20%
(c) 30%
(d) 50%
Ans: 20(b) (RBE No.177/2003 & S.E.Rly.Estt.Srl No.152/2003)

21. What is the compulsory test for the candidates who qualify in the written examination for the posts of Switchman, ASM, Diesel/Elect Asstt., Goods Driver & Motorman:-
(a) Physical Test
(b) Psychological Test
(c) Interview Test
(d) Merit Test

Ans: 21(b) (RBENo.144/2003 & S.E.Rly Estt.Srl.No.151/2003)

22. What is the D.R.Quota for the categories of TNC, TC, CC,Shroff,
& Office Clerk:-

Ans: 22(c)(RBE No.165/2003 & S.E.Rly.Estt.Srl.No.145/2003)

23. Direct Recruitment Quota for filling up vacancies of ESM-III/MSM-III, TCM-III & WTM-III of S&T Deptt. is:-

Ans: 23(a) (RBE No.10/2003 & S.E.Rly Estt.Srl.No.41/2003)

24. Calculation of vacancies in safety categories is made on the basis of:-

(a) Existing vacancies only
(b) Anticipated vacancies upto two years only
(c) Existing vacancies plus anticipated vacancies including Training period upto two years
(d) Vacancies against non-materialisation only

Ans: 24(c)(RBE No Nil & S.E.Rly. Estt.Srl.No.171/2003)

25. What is the D.R.Quota for the posts of Field Worker(Male/Female),Extension Educator & Health Visitor (Multipurpose):-
(a) 20%
(b) 30%
(c) 25%
(d) 50%

Ans: 25(d)(RBE No. 202/2001 & S.E.Rly. Estt.Srl.No.141/2001)

26. Qualification for Field Worker(Male/Female) in scale Rs.3050-4590 against D.R.Quota is:-
(a)Matriculation or equivalent
(b)Matriculation with 50% marks in aggregate
(d)Post Graduate

Ans: 26(a) (RBE No. 202/2001 & S.E.Rly.Estt.Srl.No.141/2001)

27. What is the percentage for D.R.Quota for selection of Group-C In GDCE:-
(a) 25%
(b) 30%
(c) 50%
(d) 20%

Ans: 27(a)(RBE No.165/2001 & S.E.Rly Estt.Srl.No.103/2001)

28. Skilled Artisan,Gr.III(Trade) is now re-designated as :-
(a) Artisan,Gr.III
(b) Technician,Gr.III(Trade)
(c) Technician
(d) None above

Ans: 28(b)RBE No.97/2003 & S.E.Rly Estt.Srl.No.174/2003)

29. Which of the post belongs to Safety Category:-
(a) Clerk
(b) Staff Nurse
(c) Asstt.Station Master
(d) Stenographer

Ans: 29(c)(RBE No.25/2002& S.E.Rly Estt.Srl.No.33/2002)

30. Which of the candidates are required Examination Fees while submitting application to Railway Recruitment Board:-
(a) UR
(b) SC
(c) ST
(d) Ex.SM

Ans: 30(a)(RBE No.Nil & S.E.Rly.Estt.Srl.No.87/2003)

31. Who is the competent authority to extend the life of RRB Group-C Panels
(a) CPO
(b) GM
(c) DRM
(d) DPO

Ans: 31(b)(RBE No.35/2002 & S.E.Rly’s Estt.Srl.No.79/2002).

32. Medical classification for the posts of ASM, Goods Guard, Traffic Apprentice & Cabin Master is:-
(a) A-1
(b) A-2
(c) A-3
(d) B-1

Ans: 32(b) Authority: IRMM-Vol-I(Third Edition) Chapter-V

33. Medical Classification for the posts of Commercial Clerk, Enqy- cum- Resv. Clerk & Commercial Apprentice :-
(a) A-1
(b) B-1
(c) C-1
(d) C-2

Ans: (C)Authority: IRMM-Vol-I(Third Edition) Chapter-V

34 Medical Classification for the post of Assistant Driver(Elect/Diesel):-
(a) A-1
(b) B-1
(c) C-1
(d) A-2

Ans: (a) Authority: IRMM-Vol-I(Third Edition) Chapter-V

34. Medical Classification for the post of Trains Clerk is:-
(a) C-2
(b) B-2
(c) C-1
(d) A-3
Ans: (d)
Authority: IRMM-Vol-I(Third Edition) Chapter-V

35. Educational Qualification for the post of Trains Clerk is:-
(a) Matriculation or its equivalent with not less that 50% marks in aggregate.
(b) Matriculation or its equivalent
(c) Class X pass
(d) Class VIII pass

Ans: (a). Authority: IREM

36. Educational Qualification for Section Engineer(P.Way):-
(a) Degree in Civil Engineering
(b) Degree in Mechanical Engineering
(c) Degree in Electrical Engineering
(d) Degree in Automobile Engineering

Ans: (a)Authority: IREM

37. Medical Classification for the post of Ticket Collector is:-
(a) C-2
(b) B-2
(c) A-2
(d) B-1

Ans; (b)Authority: IRMM-Vol-I(Third Edition) Chapter-V

38. Educational Qualification for the post of Cabin Master(earlier Switchman) is:-
(a) Matriculation or its equivalent
(b) A pass in 10+2 System
(c) Class VIII pass
(d) Class IX pass

Ans: (a) (RBE No.136/99& S.E.Rly.Estt.Srl.No.151/99)

39. Educational Qualification for the post of J.E-II(C&W)/TXR:-
(a) Degree in Mechanical/Electrical/Engineering
(b) Diploma in Mechanical/Electrical/Engineering
(c) Bachelor’s Degree in Science with Physics and Chemistry with a minimum of 45% marks
(d) Diploma in Civil or Mechanical Engineering

Ans: (b)(RBE No152/2001& S.E.Rly.Estt.Srl.No.99/2001)