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Commercial General - PART I

Descriptive Type

1 What are the functions of the Commercial Department? Duties of the Commercial staff especially Enquiry Clerks and Ticket Checking staff?
2 Give in detail the general rules for reservation of berths and seats?
3 Write about Section 49 of the Railways Act, 1989? Write the procedure for reservation of berths by Railway pass holders and also about cancellation of reservation?
4 What are the measures taken by the Railways in apprehending persons making false Reservation? Write about Section 53, 142 and 143 of the Railways Act, 1989?
5 Write about refund of fares on unused unreserved tickets and unused reserved ticket?
6 How do you arrange refund in the following cases: answer any three
a) Change of journey from lower class to higher class.


Rates - PART I

1. What are Wharfage charges? What is the free time allowed on Goods unloaded and rates for levy of Wharfage charges?

2. Define demurrage charges? What are the guidelines for dealing of waiver/refund of demurrage and Wharfage charges?

3. What are the general rules for booking of luggage?

4. Write short notes on following:

a) Free allowance of luggage on tickets of different classes and passes issued to Railway servants.

b) What is marginal allowance.


Commercial CLAIM - PART I

1. What is the procedure to be followed or settlement of high value claims?
2. What are the responsibilities of railways as common carriers?
3. What is the procedure followed for settlement of claims for compensation for death or injury in case of accidents/untoward incidents?
4. What are the various steps taken by railways to prevent claims arising out of loss/damage/destruction/deterioration/non-delivery of goods?

5. Write in detail the procedure followed for disposal of 

a) Excess unconnected goods. b) Unconnected wagons/parcels.

6. Write short notes on Open Delivery and Assessment Delivery?
7. Write short notes on any three of the following:

I RLY Q BANK - Commercial - REFUND

1 Minimum cancellation charges on reserved AC First class ticket is

[a] Rs.50/- [b] Rs. 30/- [c] Rs.20/- [d] Rs.10/-

2 When a I class reserved ticket is canceled one day in advance, the cancellation charge is equal to 

[a] 50% of fare [b] 25% [c] 75% [d] minimum cancellation charges.

3 If a train is canceled, full amount can be refunded at station upto

[a] 6 hours [b] 2 hours [c] 3 hours [d] 3 days



1 Transfer of certain tickets is prohibited as per section

[a] 49 [b] 54 [c] 53 [d] 55

2 A person needlessly interfering with the means of communication of train shall be prosecuted as per section ___ of Railway Act 1989.

[a] 137 [b] 138 [c] 141 [d] 142

3 A person found traveling without ticket without intention to defraud the Railway is dealt as per section ___ of Railway Act 1989.

[a] 138 [b] 137 [c] 55 [d] 54 [e] none of these

I RLY Q BANK - Commercial - Ticket Checking

1 V shaped nipper is used for

[a] checking tickets in trains            [b] checking PCT at entrance gate

[c] for canceling PCT [d] all the above

2 M shaped nipper is used for

[a] checking tickets in trains [b] nipping tickets at entrance gate

[c] for cancellation of tickets [d] none of these

3 U shaped nipper is used for

[a] checking the tickets in train [b] checking tickets at the entrance gate

[c] for cancelling the tickets [d] all the above

I RLY Q BANK - Commercial - Commercial Instructor Examination - PART III

Multiple Choice Questions:

1 Head of pubic relations department at Zonal level is

( ) (a) CPRO (b) CCM (c) COM (d) Sr.DCM

2 Functions of the Commercial Department are

( ) (a) Sale of transport (b) Development of traffic (c) Maintaining public relations (d) all.

3 Head of public complaints at Zonal Railway is

( ) (a) Sr.DOM (b) AGM (c) DRM (d) COM

4 Head of Public complaints at Divisional level is

( ) (a) Sr.DCM (b) ADRM (c) Sr.DOM (d) DRM


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