1. Lying of PSC, SEJ.
2. Criteria for track renewal.
3. Inspection schedule for PWI.
4. Stock verification
5. Urgency Certificate
6. Different type of passes.
7. Stock and Non-stock item difference.
8. Cash Imp rest.
9. What is maxi? Distance between two-trolley refuge in cutting and bridges as per schedule of dimension.
10. What is limit for maintenance of gauge prescribed in IRPWM for both curves and strength for BG track?
11. What is Max? Degree of curvature permitted as per schedule of dimension on BG track.
12. What is limit of vertical wear of a tongue rail on a 60 Kg. track as per IRPWM?
13. What is chord length used version is measured on a turn in curve ahd at station interval it is measured.
14. What is prescribed clearance between Guardrail and running rail on BG Track Bridge?
15. What is for mule for calculating the length of curve in BG track?
16. How many probes are fitted in single rail tester.
17. What is latest provision in USFD manual for imposing speed restriction in case of IMR rail
18. What is limit of td for a BG track of 60 Kg. rail sections in zone-III?


Q. What is procedure of distressing by using A rail write in details.
Q. What is system of rail joint maintenance and how a joint is laid in wooden
Sleeper describe in details.
Q. What is pre cautionary measure required to taken for maintenance of LWR in
Q. Draw a ballast profile diagram track for BG track showing different dimension
for a ballast cushion of 300mm under a MBC sleeper track.
Q. What is frequency to track recording case in different route on a BG track?
What do you understand by “CTR” value of a particular Km. explains in brief?
Q. What is protection diagram for a dip lorry working on a BG track?
Q. What do you under stand by TVU of a level crossing and hot it is calculated
Describe in detail.
Q. How a patrol chart is prepared for Manson patrolling.
Q. What is the work, which requires CRS sanction before carrying out them?
Q. What is pre temping and post temping operation required to be carried out During a Machine temping of a section.
Q. Describe the procedure for disposal of scrap lot under a PWI from arising to final Disposal. Please explain in detail.
Q. What do you understand by official language act and also what are different
Incentives given to railway employee under this act?
Q. Describe the “Wages period” what is different deduction permissible from wages
Of a railway employee under payment of wages act.
Q. What is procedure of imposed minor penalty. Describe various type penalty that can be imposed under minor penalty.


1. The distance between two-welded joint is-----------.
2. The hot weather patrolling as per IRPWM is done when rail temperature exceeds--------------
3. The SEJ on a PSC sleeper track is laid at a initial gap of--------------mm.
4. The toe load prescribed for a ERC on a new track is-------------.
5. The number of sleeper in a PSC track on D Spl. Route is-------------.
6. The length of tongue rail is PSC layout of 52 Kg. rail sections is -----------.
7. The Max. Cant deficiency permitted on a group ‘A’ route of BG is-------.
8. 52 Kg. rail sections the welding gap provided in SKV will be----------------.
9. The check rail clearance at L-xing is----------------.
10. The Max length of LWR on a girder bridge is-------permitted for a 60 Kg. track in zone-IV.
11. The number of casual leave given to gang man is-------------days.
12. The form SF-7 is issued for --------------under DAR.
13. The Zonal HQ Office of SOUTH EAST CENTRAL Railway is---------.
14. As per official language Act the PUNJAB State lies in----------region.
15. The caution indication board for a temporary speed restriction should be placed--------meter before actual site of work.
16. Joining time for less than 1000 Km. distance on transfer is-------- days.
17. A Gateman at ‘C’ class level x-ing working for 12 hrs duty is classified as------------- under HOER.
18. The Price list No. (PL No.)) has--------digit.
19. The amount of TA to be paid for gang for JABALPUR stay for a days is------
20. The target of correspondence in Hindi from region ‘C’ to region ‘A’ is------% as per official language act.
21. The Paternally leave given to a employee for--------------.
22. RE-9B is prepared for -------------------.
23. A Gang man is entitle for -------sets of passes on complimentary account.
24. Form----------is used to realize credit through scrap auctions.
25. There are------number of national Holiday in a year.


(a) The push trolley during the night will require traffic block.
(b) The withholding of one Increment for period of two years with non-cumulative affects as a Major penalty.
(c) The LHAP leave can be accumulated up to 240 days only.
(d) Non-stock item is charged to primary unit 28.
(e) Expenditure of track maintenance charged to demand No.3