QUESTION BANK for SE (Drawing)

QUESTION BANK for SE (Drawing) Grade Rs 6500-10500 (RSRP)


1. Grade Compensation on Curve
2. Fan Shaped Turnouts
3. Draw Ballast Profile for Single Line BG LWR Track
4. Types of Masonry and brief description
5. Design mix concrete
6. Residual Chlorine
7. Raft Foundation
8. Major and Minor Penalty
9. PWPandFWP
10. Types of Survey
11. G&SR
13. Types of Leave
14. Grade compensation on curve?.
15. Self-clean sing velocity.
16. Temporary & permanent diversions.

17. Active & passive earth piessures.
18. €ar»t deficiency <E cant -excess,
19. Types of Gradients.
20. General & subsidiary rules.
21. Standard schedule of dimensions.
22. Types of estimates.
23.MS and NS items.
24. CE's circulars


Q. Design a circular column to carry an axial load of 1000 kN using helical reinforcement. Use M20 Concrete and FE415 grade steel is a Live load of 15 kN/m.
Q. Design the beam using M20 concrete and HYSD bars of grade FE415. Keep width equal to half the effective depth. Assume unit weight of concrete as 24 kN/m .
Q. Draw a neat sketch of Right Hand 1 in 12 turnout for BG track and indicate all the
components very clearly.
Q. Draw layout
i) Symmetrical Split
ii) Diamond Crossing with Single Slip
iii) Scissor Cross over
iv) Ladder Tracks or Gathering Tracks
v) Temporary Diversion
vi) Triangle
Q. What are the various stages of water purification and treatment system? Give brief
description of each of the item and diagrams.
Q. What are the various sewerage systems? Make comparison also.
Q. What are the components of typical sewerage system for residential buildings?
Q. Determine the maximum permissible speed and desirable length of transition for the curve of 875 m radius on BG track where cant is to be restricted to 75 mm and the value of cant deficiency is also 75 mm.
Q. What is the necessity of having Schedule of Dimension
Q. What are the various classes of ODC? Give brief description
Q. Give in detail the rate analysis of one cubic meter of cement concrete 1:2:4 in
Q. As per Indian Standard Specifications, what are the acceptance tests for bricks?
Q. What are the revised criteria for manning of level crossing gates and what are the revised criteria for interlocking of level crossing gates?
Q. Draw a neat sketch of standard Speed Breaker to be provided on both the road
approaches of Level Crossing gates as per 1RPWM.
Q. Draw neat sketch of W/L boards to be provided on track approaches for Level
Crossing gates
Q. What are the various types of track machines in use in Indian Railways?
Give brief description of each of them.
Q. Quality Management.

Q. Draw a neat sketch of left hand I in 12 turnout for BG track . Two parallel straight BG tracks ai. 5.3m distance, are to connected by a X-over using 1 /8.5 turnouts. Calculate the required detail?? and show on a neat sketch. Q. Design a RCC column and its footing for an axle .load of 100 T. The bearing capacity of the soil is 10 T per square metre. Assume suitable date.
Design a welded plate girder for 18 M and carrying a live load of 5 T per metre. The welding connections and stiffened also. Assume suitable data.
Q. Design the dimensions of a septic tank for a small colony of 200 persons. Daily consumption of water is 150 litters per person. Assume any date, if required. The details to be shown in the sketch.
Q. What are-different systems of water distribution and what are the requirements of-; good distribution system? Q, On BG track a curve of 875m radius is located on. Rajdhani route where the max, permissible speed is 130kniph. Find out the maximum permissible speed, cant, desirable and min.. length of transition for max. permissible speed, assuming the speed of goods train as 65 krnph

i) Maximum permissible wear on nose of crossing, wing rail _______
ii) Frequency of inspection of Points & Crossings on running lines by PWI ______
iii) SEJs are to be inspected by PWI once in __ months, AEN once in __ months
iv) In Deficiency of ballast on LWR track during summer may result in ______
v) The clear distance between bridge timbers at joints should not exceed_____ mm both B.G and M.G.
vi) The recommended cant deficiency/cant gradient is ____ mm/sec
vii) Gauge is measured _______mm below rail table
viii) What is formation slope? 1 in _____
ix) A gateman should have certificate of fitness of Class _from Medical Department
x) Frequency of inspection of a curve by various officials:
xi) The recommended depth of ballast cushion ?.« a B.G. group "A'
xii) Formation width for concrete sleeper track for BG for single section in cutting is _______™______
xiii) For fully transmitted curve. max, permissible speed (Vm) will be calculated by Vm =________
xiv) The degree of curvature for a curve of radius of approx. 875 rn is
xv) The min. radius of vertical curve for BG track on group B route should he _______metre
xvi) Height of 60 kg rails section _________
xvii) Minimumdistance of gauge lodge from center of track is ____________
xviii) Frequency of track recording car in a Group "'A” suit is once in months.
xix) Min clear cover t-:> reinforcement in a RCC column is _________
xx) A gangmen is entitled to————days casual leave in a year.
xxi) Reduction to tower stage of pay for two years, without cumulative
xxii) effect is a ______-penalty.
xxiii) Form______ is used for revoking suspension of an employee
xxiv) LAP can be accumulated to maximum——— days.
xxv) There are ______ nos. of National holidays in a year..
xxvi) Rate of TA for a gangmen coming to Jabalpur on duty from a way
xxvii) side stations is Rs. ———— per day.
xxviii) The amount of compensation where death results from the injury is
xxix) equal to_________% of the monthly wages multiplied by the
xxx) relevant factor.
xxxi) Penalty of loss of duty card pass 2nd class is Rs. ___________
xxxii) A work of remodeling of yard is sanctioned under plan head ________
xxxiii) Notice period for an open tender is ______
xxxiv) Expenditure for .recouping ballast due to overhauling of track is
charged todemand no.———— —— .
xxxv) Work of construction of cover over platform is charged to ______ fund.
xxxvi) Procurement of stock items is charged to primary unit_________
xxxvii) Rate of contribution to provident fund is _________ % of the pay.
xxxviii) For termination of a contract at risk and cost, 7 days notice is served
in terms of clause ____________of GCC.

1. The maximum gradient in station yards should be ______ unless special safety
devices are adopted and/or special rules enforced
2. The recommended minimum distance centre to centre of track is ____m, for E.G.
3. For B.G, the minimum radius of curves should be ____m
4. Check rails should normally be provided where the radius is ____m or less in B.G
5. The maximum and minimum horizontal distances from centre of track to face of
passenger platform coping for B.G. are _____ mm & _____ mm respectively
6. Maximum and minimum heights above rail level for B.G. high level passenger
platforms are _______ mm & _______ mm.
7. The maximum height above rail level for B.G. goods platforms is _______ mm
8. In tunnels, through and semi-through girder bridges, the minimum distance centre
to centre of tracks for B.G. shall be ______ m and in station yards ______m.
9. In B.G., minimum and maximum clearances of check rails at level crossing are
______ mm and _______mm respectively,
10. Minimum depth of space for wheel flange from rail level in B.G. is ______


i) Sleepers from a fan-shaped lay-out are shifted from a right hand turn-out to left hand one. For this purpose:
a. right end of the sleepers should remain on right side
b. right end of the sleepers should be brought towards the left side by rotating the sleepers
c. sleepers in the switch should remain as it is but those in the lead should be rotated to bring the right end to the left side
ii) Total no. of approach sleepers in case of a PSC Fan shaped layout is:
(a) 15 (b)16 (c)17 (d) 18 iii) The Destressing temperature for a 52 kg rail is:
(a)tmtotm-5 (b)tmtotm+5 (c)tm+5totm+10 (d) tm+10 to tm+15. iv) As per LWR manual, hot weather patrolman have a beat of:
(a) 2 km on single line track (b) 1 km of a single line track
(c) 2 km on a double line track (d) none of the above v) In the eight digit code given in the rating system the first digit is called:
(a) URN (b)ORN (c)NRS (d) CRN vi) In case of box culverts, the danger level:
(a) is at 150 mm below the bottom of slab (b) is at 300 mm below the bottom of slab
(c) is at the bottom of the slab (d) depend on the span and site conditions vii) Lubrication of ERCs shall be done in corrosion prone areas:
(a) Every 3 months (b)Every year (c) Once in 2 years (d) Once in 4 years viii) The term "curve compensation" indicates:
(a) Easing out gradient depending upon curvature
(b) Easing out curvature depending upon gradient
(c) Either of the above (d) Neither of the above
ix) The maximum curvature permitted for laying an LWR is:
(a) 4° (b)3° (c)2° (d) 1° x) The standard play on E.G. is
(a) 25 mm (b) 20 mm (c) 19 mm (d) 15 mm
1. The radium of 5” curve in metre will be -
(a) 500m (b|8"'5 m (c)350m (d) None of theabove.
2. Cement required for 1 cubic metre of concrete of 1:2:4 will be (a) 6,5 Bags (b) 10 b«g? (c)12 bags (d) 8 bags
3. The concrete cube a attains full strength after
(a) / days (b};{8 days- (c) 14 days (d) 19 days.

4. The measurement of D.P.C. is done in
(a ) L i n ea r m etre (b) S q u ai e 11 \ eire
(c) cubic metre (d) weight.
5. The minimum recommended cushion for concrete sleepers trade --
(a) 200 mm (b) 250mm (c) 300mm (d) 400mm
6. What is the slope f rovitied in formation of track for drainages (a) 1 in 20 ib) 1 in 40 (c) 1 in 60 (d) 1 in 80.
7. The minimum radius of the curve permitted on BG line is •— (a) 200 in (b) 175 in (c)150m (d)i60m.
8. What is per capite water requirement" where flushin-i system is piovided —
(a) U5 lit/day «b) i80 lit/day (c) 209 lit/day (d) 270 lit/day
9. An uniformity distributed toad of W/raetre action on aL metre, pimply
supported beam will create a maximum B.M. of—-
(a)wLM (b)wL"/8 (c)wL2/2 (d) wL/8 !0. Maximum gradient permissible in station yard -
. (3) 1 in 200 (b) I 'ii 300 (c) 1 in 400 (d) I in 1000