Q.1. Who is primarily responsible to provide educational facilities to the wards/children of Railway employees.

a) State Government/Ministry of HRD
b) Railway Ministry
c) Other Agencies
d) All

Ans. a) (Board’s letter No. E/W 83/SC/2/27 dt. 13.9.88)

Q.2 Educational facilities provided by the Railways are generally confined to –

a) School level
b) College level
c) Technical level
d) Professional level

Ans. a) (Bd’s letter No.E(W)83/SC 2/27 dt. 13.9.88)

Q.3. Railway Schools functioning in various Railways colonies get recognition by the –

a) Ministry of Railways,
b) Education Board/Deptt. Of Respective State Govt.

Ans. b)

Q.4. To meet the educational needs of Wards/children of Railway employees, Railway colonies have following schools other than Railway own –

a) K.Vs,
b) State Govt. Schools
c) Private Schools,
d) All

Ans. d)

Q.5. The admission in Railway School is restricted to

a) Child wards of Railway employees only
b) As per merit test open to all
c) Outsider to a limited extent on availability of seat.
d) Only a) & c)

Ans. d)

Q.6. Minimum amount is levied on student of Rly. Schools in the form of –

a) Tuition fees
b) Exams. Fees
c) S.D.F
d) Science Fee

Ans. c)

Q.7. Is there any concession in the matter of Admission for SC/ST students.

a) Reservation of 15% seats for SC, 5% for ST
b) Reservation in (I) is inter-changeable
c) No refusal in Primary classes
d) All

Ans. d)

Q.8. Railway Schools do not constitute `industry’; Is there any scope for the teachers to join

a) Existing Trade Union of Railways
b) Forming association of their own
c) Both
d) None

Ans. b)

Q.9. Railway Teachers in their individual capacity can discuss their grievances with the –

a) Personal Deptt. Officers,
b) Education Board/Department, of Concerned State Govt.
c) Affiliated Board/Council
d) None

Ans. a)

Q.10. Where there is inadequate educational facilities available or totally absent in a Railway colony, Railway have established KVs in Railway Colonies only at –

a) Civil Sector
b) Project Sector,
c) Both,
d) None

Ans. a)

Q.11. Railways provide physical facilities to the KVs on nominal license fees on

a) short term lease
b) long term lease
c) permanent facilities
d) None

Ans. b)

Q.12. Privately managed schools in Railway Colonies may get non-recurring and recurring assistance in the form of

a) subsidy for expansion of school building
b) furniture and equipment
c) recurring adhoc grant
d) all

Ans. d)

Q.13. The authority empowered to sanction recurring adhoc grant to privately managed schools on Railways land on fulfillment of certain conditions.

a) Railway Board
b) GM
c) CPO
d) DRM

Ans. b)

Q.14. Railway Administration may sanction suitable grant in aid to private managed schools who are unable to balance their budget on fulfillment of certain conditions

a) Quartyerly
b) Half-yearly
c) On annual basis
d) As and when required

Ans. c)

Q.15. Which of the Rly Schools get a fixed amount for planning and augmenting school Library

a) High/Higher Secondary Schools
b) Middle Schools
c) Primary Schools
d) All types of Schools.

Ans. d)

Q.16. Library of a Higher Secondary School maintained by a suitable teacher in absence of a librarian may get special pay

a) Rs.250/-
b) Rs.200/-
c) Rs.150/-
d) Rs.100/-

Ans. b)

Q.17. The in-service training programme of teachers conducted by the

a) Zonal Railway
b) Rly. Board

Ans. a)

Q.18. Children’s educational allowance is admissible to a Railway employee from Class-I to XII per month per child

a) Rs.50/-
b) Rs.100/-
c) Rs.200/-
d) Rs.250/-

Ans. b)

Q.19. Re-imbursement of tuition fee, educational allowance and Hotel subsidy is admissible to the wards of Rly. employees from classes

A) Nursery to X
B) I – X
C) I to XII
D) I to Degree Course

Ans. c)

Q.20. The re-imbursement of school tuition fee for class I to XII in respect of handicapped children per month is

a) Rs.100/-
b) Rs.75/-
c) Rs.50/-
d) Rs.25/-

Ans. a)

Q.21. Children’s educational allowance is admissible to a Rly employee when

a) child is compelled to study away
b) Absence of a school of requisite stand
c) Railway servant is posted at NE region
d) Any one of a) b) and c)

Ans. d)

Q.22. A Rly. servant shall not be eligible to draw children educational allowance, re-imbursement of tuition fee for a child in a class for more than –

a) 1 academic year
b) 2 academic years
c) 3 academic years
d) till completion
Ans. b)
Q.23. Can a Railway servant eligible to get educational allowance and re-imbursement of tuition fee for the number of children born after 1.4.1987

a) 1 child
b) 2 children
c) 3 children
d) All

Ans. b)

Q.24. There is provision for supply of free uniforms at the cost of Rly.revenue to the children of Rly. Employees upto the the pay limit of Rs.5000/- p.m.

a) Primary level
b) Middle School level
c) High School level
d) Higher Secondary level

Ans. a)

Q.25. Recruitment of teachers in the Railway Schools is made by the Railway Administration concerned
The authority lies on

a) Railway Board
b) GM
c) CPO
d) None of these

Ans c)

Q.26. Whether ACP scheme is applicable for Railway school teacher

a) applicable
b) not applicable
c) Governed by the separate scheme
d) none of the above.

Ans. c)

Q.27. Which of the statement is not true in regard to the recruitment of TGTs/PGTs
a) no fixed DR quota
b) serving teachers from feeder category promoted
c) shortfall if any made good by DR
d) both b) & c)

Ans. d)

Q. 28. Primary teachers, TGTs & PGTs in basic grade aqre placed in senior grade subject to found suitable by the DPC on completion of
a) 8 years in basic grade
b) 10 years in basic grade
c) 12 years in basic grade
d) non
Ans : c)

Q. 29. What percentage of teachers enjoying senior grade with higher qualification is eligible for award of selection grade

a) 8%
b) 10%
c) 12%
d) 20%

Ans. d)

Q.30. Group-B, Headmaster/Headmistress of Secondary School eligible to get the following grant

a) Senior grade
b) Selection grade
c) Both
d) None

Ans. a)

Q.31. For purpose of grant of selection grade, a TGT should have
a) PG Degree in relevant subject
b) PG Degree in any subject
c) Only Bachelor Degree
d) None

Ans. a)

Q.32. Computer education is provided to the students of Railway Schools at the cost of

a) Railway revenue
b) Self sustenance
c) SDF
d) None

Ans. b)

Q.33. Upper age limit for recruitment of Railway teacher generally applicable

a) Below 28
b) Below 30
c) Below 40
d) Below 45

Ans. c)

Q.34. To manage the functioning of the school GM can engage

a) Part-time teacher
b) Substitute teacher
c) A & B both
d) None
Ans. b)

Q.35.School administration of a Higher Secondary School is looked after in absence of a Headmaster by

a) Asst. Headmaster
b) Vice Principal
c) Senior most PGT
d) Senior most TGT


Q.36. A teacher of a Rly. School, if avails of full vacation in a year, is entitled to, in respect of duty performed in that year

a) LAP
b) Proportionate LAP
c) No LAP
d) None

Ans. c)

Q.37. A teacher of Railway School can combine with vacation

a) Only LAP
b) Only LHAP
c) Only CL
d) Any kind of leave

Ans. d)

Q.38. With a view to improve quality of education and achieving excellence a scheme of annual award for best teacher, student etc, has been introduced from the academic year 1999-2000 at the

a) Railway Board’s level
b) Zonal Level
c) Divisional level
d) Both a & B

Ans. d)