Commercial Instructor Examination - PART I

1 Write Short Notes on the following:

a. Railway Map b. Time Table

c. Publications of IRCA d. Publications of Zonal Railways.

2 Write Short Notes on any three of the following:

a. Rail Travel Coupons. b. High Official Requisition.

c. Circular Journey Tickets. d. Indrail Pass Tickets.

3 Write Short Notes on any two of the following:

a. Military Traffic. b. Railway Material Consignments

c. Explosive and Other Dangerous goods

4 Write short notes on any three of the following:

a. Senior Citizens Concession.

b. Physically Handicapped Concession.

c. Cancer Patient Concession.

d. Blind Concession.

5 Write short notes on any three of the following:

a. I - Ticketing.

b. E - Ticketing.

c. Upgradation of passengers.

d. Tatkal Reservation.

6 Write short notes on any two of the following:-

a. Refund on Lost/misplaced and Torn/mutilated tickets.

b. Refund on reserved tickets when starting journey is confirmed and enroute journey is not confirmed and vice versa.

c. Refund on reserved tickets when trains are cancelled during bandhs, agitations and railroko.

7 What are the general rules for booking of Luggage? What is the free allowance and marginal allowance on tickets? What is the maximum permissible luggage permitted with passengers in their compartments?

8 What are the various scales of charges exist on Indian Railways for booking of Parcel Traffic? How does the PCEV charges and Bulky surcharges are levied?

9 What are the various types of checks conducted by Ticket Checking staff to eradicate ticketless travel?

10 Write about

(a) Role of Ticket checking staff in prevention of Ticketless travel?

(b) What are the reasons for Ticketless travel?

11 Briefly describe the rules for indenting of wagons and allotment of wagons. Under what circumstances is the change of destination permitted. Write about refund of WDRF?

12 Write briefly about Demurrage and Wharfage/Stacking charges?

13 Differentiate between Open delivery and Assessment delivery? Write about Joint Survey Report?

14 What is a Forwarding Note? How does it help in safeguarding the interest of Railways Administration with reference to settlement of claims?

15 Discuss the various steps taken by the Indian Railways for attracting goods which has been diverted to road?

16 What is the Liability of Railways as Common Carriers of Goods?

17 How do you process the application claiming compensation for loss of goods, from the time of application to final settlement?

18 What do you understand by untoward incidents? How does a claim for compensation due to death or injury is processed?

19 What is the purpose of setting of Railway Claims Tribunal? How do they differ from Railway Rates Tribunal?

20 What are the conditions stipulated for opening of Private Siding? Explain in detail?

21 What are the various charges that are collected from the sidings? What do you understand by charging on through distance basis? Define Section 94 of the Railways Act, 1989?

22 What are the various guidelines issued by Railway Board for leasing of and Brake Van space in ordinary and express passenger trains?

23 What is a halt station? What is the procedure adopted for opening of a halt stations?

24 Describe the procedure for remittance of station earnings and their accountal? What is the procedure followed if there is loss or shortage of remittance?

25 What is the Station Outstanding? How are these categorized? Explain in detail how station outstanding can be minimized?

26 What is the procedure for indenting printed card tickets? What are the consequences if the indent is not placed in time for the supply of tickets?

27 Write short notes on the following:

a. Railway Budget.

b. Cannons of Financial Propriety.

c. Parliamentary Committee on Railways.

28 Write short notes on any three of the following:

a. Indenting of Money Value Books.

b. Indenting of Computer Tickets.

c. Emergent Indent.

d. Recalled Indent.

29 What is meant by Suspension of an Employee? What is the procedure for placing an employee under suspension and what privileges an employee under suspension is entitled?

30 What is the procedure for issuing a Major Penalty Charge Sheet? Explain the procedure for conducting enquiry?

31 Describe the procedure for dealing with Public Complaints. What organization is there for redressal of Public Complaints both at Zonal and Divisional level?

32 What are the Major Penalties under DAR rules? Describe briefly the procedure for imposing major penalty?

33 What is IRCTC? What are the guidelines issued by Railway Board to award catering contracts at Major Stations?

34 What do you understand by Passenger Amenities? What are the passenger amenities to be provided at different Stations?

35 What are the incentives and Awards Scheme available on S.C. Railway for implementation of Hindi?

36 What are the constitutional provision regarding use of Official Language Policy?