Q1. How many pay commission have been getting to Central Govt. employee.
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7
Ans: d)

Q2. When a staff is appointed in as clerk in scale Rs.3050-4590 which rate of pay will be given as general case?
a) Rs.3050/-
b) Rs.3200/-
c) Rs.3350/-
d) Rs.3875/-
Ans: a)

Q3. A Rly. Employee is working in scale Rs.3050-4590 and drawing pay @ Rs.4430/- subsequently he promoted in scale Rs.4500-7000/- what pay will be fixed in normal procedure.
a) Rs.4625/-
b) Rs.4500/-
c) Rs.5000/-
d) Rs.4825/-

Ans: a)

Q4. For fixation of pay on promotion how many days are required for completion of service?
a) 30 days
b) 20 days
c) 22 days
d)15 days

Ans: c) (Estt.Srl.No. 267/69)

Q5. What % of pay will be added to the basic pay of a running staff parentally posted in a Non- running post?
a) 30%
b) 40%
c) 20%
d) None of these

Ans: a) (Estt.Srl.No. 133/87 & 45/64)

Q.6 How many Rs.(minimum) to be added to pay in the lower grade before fixing the pay in the higher post on promotion :
a) Rs.75/-
b) Rs.100/-
c) Rs.80/-
d) None of these

Ans. b) (Estt.Srl.No. 264/99)

Q7. A Rly. Employee submitted an option for fixation of pay on promotion from the date of increment in the lower grade. This will be applicable w.e.f.
a) 1.2.81
b) 1.5.81
c) 1.1.82
d) None of these

Ans: b) (Estt.Srl.No. 231/81)

Q8. Senior employee will get stepping up of pay vis-a-vis junior so promoted if the junior: -
a) Promoted on regular post on regular measure
b) Promoted on ad-hoc basis
c) Promoted in an ex-cadre post
d) None of these

Ans: a)

Q9. If a junior employee promoted to higher post and submitted an option for fixation of pay w.e.f the date of increment, senior employee will be given
a) Stepping up of pay
b) Antedate
c) Neither stepping up nor antedate

Ans: c) (Estt.Srl.No. 118/82)

Q10. Stagnation increment should be taken into account for purpose of fixation of pay on promotion w.e.f.
a) 30.9.92
b) 30.9.93
c) 30.9.94
d) 30.9.95

Ans: b) (Estt.Srl.No. 143/93,206/93 & 2/94)

Q11. A employee is working in a cadre post; subsequently he is transferred on promotion against Ex-cadre post. Thereafter he has been promoted further in higher grade against ex-cadre Post his pay will be fixed on the basis of :
a) From ex-cadre to ex-cadre
b) From cadre to ex-cadre
c) None of these

Ans; b) (Estt.Srl.No. 14/86)

Q.12. Senior was promoted without Spl. pay of Rs.70/- but junior was promoted with Spl. pay of Rs.70/- senior will given
a) Stepping of pay
b) Same pay at per with junior
c) None of these

Ans: c) (Estt.Srl.No. 274/88,158/90)

Q13. The stagnation increment for an employee will count for
b) Pensionery benefits
c) Fixation of pay on promotion
d) All of the above

Ans: d) (Estt.Srl.No. 26/91)

Q14. No Rly. Servant will become eligible for the 1st stagnation increment in the revised scale (RSRPR’97) of pay before:
a) 1.1.96
b) 1.1.97
c) 1.1.98
d) 1.1.99

Ans: c)

Q15. A person is appointed in sports quota in scale Rs.2550-55-3200/-in maximum pay. His pay will be fixed in:
a) Rs.3200/-
b) Rs.3145/-
c) Rs.3090/-
d) Rs.2960/-

Ans: d) (Estt.Srl.No.128/2000)

Q16. A person is appointed against sports quota in scale Rs.3050-75-3890-80-4590/-in maximum pay. His pay will be fixed in:
a) Rs.4590/-
b) Rs.4430/-
c) Rs.4270/-
d) Rs.3875/-

Ans: d) Estt.Srl.No.128/2000)

Q17. Benefits of 2nd pay commission of Central Govt Employee were implemented from:


Ans: b)

Q18. Initial yearly increment in the grade of Rs.2550-3200/- is:

a) Rs.45/-
b) Rs.50/-
c) Rs.55/-
d) Rs.60/-
Ans: c) (RSRPR’97)
Q19. What is the initial yearly increment in the grade Rs.2610-3540/- ?

a) Rs.50/-
b) Rs.60/-
c) Rs.65/-
d) Rs.70/-

Ans. b) (RSRPR’97)

Q20. Which of the following amount is the initial yearly increment in the grade 2650-4000?

a) Rs.65/-
b) Rs.70/-
c) Rs.75/-
d) Rs.80/-

Ans: a) (RSRPR’97)

Q21. In the grade of Rs.2750-4400/- initial yearly increment is:

a) Rs.65/-
b) Rs.70/-
c) Rs.80/-
d) Rs.75/-

Ans: b) (RSRPR’97)

Q22. RSRPR’97 took effect from:

a) 1.1.97
b) 1.7.97
c) 1.1.96
d) 1.7.96

Ans c)

Q23. Which is the highest basic pay emphasized in RSRPR’97?

a) Rs.30,000/-
b) Rs.28,800/-
c) Rs.28,000/-
d) Rs.26,000/-

Ans: d) (RSRPR’97)

Q24. What is the initial increment in scale Rs.3050-4590/- ?

a) Rs.55/-
b) Rs.65/-
c) Rs.75/-
d) Rs.80/-

Ans: c) (RSRPR’97)

Q25. A person appointed in Sports Quota having gold medal winning performance in Senior National Level in scale Rs.3050-4590/-. His pay will be fixed in: -

a) Rs.4590/-
b) Rs.5000/-
c) Rs.3875/-
d) Rs.4350/-

Ans: c) (Estt. Srl. No.128/2000)

Q.26. What will be the fixation of pay of a person having medal winning performance in Olympic games and appointed in scale Rs.6500-10500/-?

a) Rs.6500/-
b) Rs.8100/-
c) Rs.9500/-
d) Rs.10500/-

Ans: b) (Estt. Srl. No.128/2000)

Q27. In Scale Rs.4500-7000/- in Talent Scouting recruitment for outstanding performance, fixation of pay permitted upto maximum of:

a) Rs.4625/-
b) Rs.4750/-
c) Rs.4875/-
d) Rs.5000/-

Ans: c) (Estt. Srl. No.128/2000)

Q28. How many increment(s) will be given to an employee for gold medal winning performance during the National Championship?

a) 7
b) 5
c) 4
d) 2

Ans: d) (Estt. Srl. No.128/2000)

Q29. Who is the advising authority for granting increment for Excellence at National Level?

a) GM
b) Finance Commissioner
c) Railway Board
d) None of the above

Ans: c) (Estt. Srl. No.128/2000)

Q30. What will be the fixation of pay at initial recruitment in scale Rs.5500-9000/- of a person having consistent gold medal winning performance in Senior International meets on more than two occasions and also consistent gold medal winning performance at Senior National Level?

a) Rs.9000/-
b) Rs.8125/-
c) Rs.7075/-
d) Rs.6375/-

Ans: d) (Estt. Srl. No.128/2000)